AvionLog Summer 2020 Release

A Quick Look Back

As aviation's difficult circumstances in 2020 continue to leave pilots in an uncertain time, we've done our utmost to keep AvionLog free for as many users as possible. During our spring 2020 release, as the COVID-19 crisis was just starting to grip the aviation industry, we adapted the AvionLog free trial. 

Originally you had a choice of either 6 calendar months or 350 flight hours. Since so many pilots can't be certain how much flying they are likely to do, we adapted the free trial to be responsive to your current flying situation. Our free trial now automatically adapts to give you 350 flight hours AND 6 months, whichever is longer. After this change received very positive feedback from the AvionLog community, we've decided to keep it as a permanent feature.

Find out more about the AvionLog electronic pilot logbook free trial here.

New Features & Enhancements

We've used the slow down of the aviation industry as an opportunity to continue to improve the capabilities of AvionLog. Much of this was driven thanks to the great feedback from our users, so a huge thank you! While we have many great enhancements coming, if there are any you would want to see, please do get in contact with us.

Relief Crew

With AvionLog you can now log additional pilots, relief time, and relief night time. We didn't just stop with simple time entries and some extra crew member names. Every long-haul pilot will tell you that figuring out your relief night time can be a pain, especially when your logbook app doesn't know when you were actually in the seat.

To keep flight logging really fast, we have implemented a graphical interface. Simply tell AvionLog which flight segments you were in the seat and let the app do the rest.

Additional Flight Logging Fields

Several additional entry fields have been incorporated in the flight logging page helping you keep track of some of your career statistics. These include:

  • Scheduled Departure Time
  • Scheduled Arrival Time
  • Total Delay Time (Automatically calculated)
  • Passengers
  • Total Fuel
  • Fuel Burn
  • Cargo
  • FAA Part 61, 91, 121 & 135 tag

Endorsements & Expiries

AvionLog is now pre-loaded with loads of FAA endorsements that automatically fills your name in, can be signed, and also printed. We've also implemented a way to keep track of your expiries such as medicals and ratings.

Expiries and endorsements will notify you when they come close to expiring.

See these and many more flight logging features that no pilot logbook app is complete without.


In addition to our current logbook import capabilities, AvionLog now has the ability to import Garmin Pilot Logbook and ZuluLog. When importing, please be careful to read our FAQs and follow the on screen instructions carefully. Getting the right data format when exporting from another pilot logbook app is important.

Our import options now include:

  • AIMS
  • AIMS File (the downloadable HTML file)
  • CrewLounge PILOTLOG
  • Garmin Pilot Logbook
  • LogTen Pro
  • ZuluLog

Learn more about importing your pilot logbook to AvionLog.


One of the features we get particularly good feedback about is our reports page. We've created the ability to generate just about any report you can think of, drill down into your experience, make predictions about when you'll hit milestones, track limits, and track recency.

We've made this page easier to read with some format changes but the biggest change is adding preloaded FAR 117 and EU-OPS flight duty and flight time limits.

These reports can be edited to suit the specific limitations of your company or your country of operation.

Reports - see how AvionLog helps you track your flying career.

These are just a few of the many features, all of which are unlocked during your free trial. Head to our homepage to see what the AvionLog electronic pilot logbook app can do for you!