Terms of Use / Terms of Service

Parties and Jurisdiction

By using AvionLog (the software application) either as a paid user or during a free trial or any free version that may be issue for testing or other purposes you agree to these terms in full. This agreement is between you (the user) and Green Twin Software Ltd. Registered in England and Wales with a company number of 12070283. The jurisdiction of these terms is the region the company is registered in and the company registration jurisdiction may change at any point.

Ownership of Your Logbook Data

At all times you own your logbook data. We only ever process it for the express purposes of app functionality. If you wish your logbook data be transferred to another provider, we will make every reasonable effort to work with that provider to enable them to import your logbook data into their application. See our privacy policy at www.avionlog.com/legal/privacy.

Databases (Airfield and Aircraft Types)

The app is equipped with aircraft type and an airfield databases. These databases are provided for user convenience.

We try to ensure accuracy of this information. Both databases contain thousands of entries that change with time. Errors, mistakes or old entries may be found in the provided data. No warranty for that data is implied. It is your responsibility to ensure the data for each aircraft type and airfield logged is accurate and up to date.

Automatic Entries & Calculations

There are various AvionLog features and calculations that use pre-existing in-app data, data you previously entered and previous app performed calculations. These include, but are not limited to: most ‘time’ entries (e.g. total time, air time, night time calculations, UTC/local times etc.), aircraft types/registrations, people’s names, places (departure/destination entries), distances, whether the user is pilot flying (performing the takeoff and landing), and number of takeoffs and landings performed.

These automatic entries are provided as tools to enhance the speed of data entry and your experience using the app. Some of the calculations rely on databases that may have incorrect information, rely on assumptions, such as the night time calculation or rely on previously entered user data, such as the flight number recognition feature. It is possible that we have provided incorrect data, you have previously entered incorrect data or calculations in the app are wrong.

As a result it is your responsibility to ensure all entries, whether made by you, by a feature of AvionLog, or by any other service the app connects to is correct.

Data Entry From Other Sources

You may use features of AvionLog that allow you to input data from other electronic pilot logbook software applications or from other providers such as airline rostering data. You are responsible for ensuring these data has been accurately entered into AvionLog.

Entries shared from one app user to another may also contain entry errors from the first user. Accuracy of these data must also be checked.

Before accessing data from third parties such as a rostering website or application you must ensure that you are allowed to access these data and that said access does not breach any other terms, conditions or contractual obligations you are bound by and you that have rights to access said data.

Backup & Data Loss Prevention

Our general principle is to give you control of your data. As such, you have the responsibility for storing it safely. Extensive efforts have been made to provide multiple, easy to use backup capabilities.

These backup sources are well known cloud storage companies. It is assumed you will use all available backup sources. Should you be unable to access one of them, you will make every reasonable effort to promptly contact our customer support to alert us to the problem.

Since data will be stored with third party companies, we assume you agree to the terms and conditions of those third parties. Data loss from a third party service is not the responsibility of AvionLog or the apps owners.

It is recommended for you to periodically print your data or store safely in PDF format in an independent location.

Since so many storage options are available, AvionLog or its owners take no responsibility for loss of data.

Reports & Predictions

Using the reports feature of AvionLog, you are able to generate various outputs including limits reports for maximum flying and duty hours in a certain time period. Predictions and limits of flying hours contain some assumptions and therefore may not be accurate and are our ‘best guess’ based on historical data and basic charting principles. It is your responsibility to ensure compliance with the appropriate regulations.

Software Application Stability

Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the application works correctly, but in the event it does not, we assume your data is backed up. We assume that any data restored from backup is complete and up to date. It is your responsibility to ensure this assumption is correct.

Free Trial Period

AvionLog has two options for a free trial period. This period is provided for you to assess whether you wish to use the application into the future. Two trial options are provided at first app use, and one of those choices needs to be made for you to access the app. The first trial option is 350 flight hours logged. This option allows you to log 350 flight hours in AvionLog from the first entry you make on the day you start using the app. It does not count previous entries you add in ‘Historical Flights’ or uploaded flights you have done in the past. The second trial option is 6 months of app usage. This option allows you to log an unlimited number of flight hours for a period of 6 calendar months. You agree to use the free trial period to evaluation if you will subscribe to our ongoing service. Once the free trial period has expired, new flight entries will be disabled until an in app subscription or subscription via the Apple App Store is purchased.

Paid Subscription

AvionLog runs on a yearly subscription model. After the trial period has expired and if you wish to continue to use all AvionLog's features, you will be required to purchase a paid subscription. Should you wish to continue to hold your data within the application without adding further flights/flight, hours you may continue to do so.

Subscriptions are paid via the Apple App Store and will auto-renew 24 hours before your subscription period expires. Renewals will be billed to the credit/debit card on file with your Apple App Store account.

The subscription price may vary based on your Apple App Store region/location and may change at any time.

Subscription Cancellation by User

To cancel your subscription, auto-renew must be cancelled more than 24 hours prior to your subscription expiration. If you cancel during your subscription, your current subscription will normally continue until its expiration date and no refund will be provided.

Should you wish to make a request for a refund, you will need to contact Apple directly as Apple handles all billing for in-app purchases made for iOS devices. You can contact iTunes Customer support at getsupport.apple.com.

Cancellation of Services by AvionLog

The app is considered to be a service and uses services provided by third parties, e.g. live sync. The owners of AvionLog (Green Twin Software Ltd) reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to terminate any these services at any point.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy for both AvionLog.com and AvionLog the software application are contained here www.avionlog.com/legal/privacy. By using the application you agree to our privacy policy.

Limit of Liability

Green Twin Software Ltd (the owners of AvionLog) take no liability for loss of, damage to, or inaccuracy of any data entered in to, stored in, or taken out from the AvionLog software application or of any of the third party services used to provide application functionality. As this data is likely to be used for legal purposes such as for providing to potential and/or current employers or regulatory authorities, it is your responsibility to ensure accuracy of all data. These terms and conditions may change from time to time. Green Twin Software Ltd reserves the right to refuse use of the product, without refund, to any individual should we conclude, at our sole discretion, that the product is being abused in any way. By using the AvionLog software application you agree to these terms of use and terms of service.