Long-Haul Flight Logging Made Simple

Most long-haul pilots will tell you that logging your flight time after a red-eye flight is less than enjoyable. Our design philosophy at AvionLog is to always make it faster and easier to use your flight log app. That same philosophy has been carried through to our unique and intuitive feature for logging flights where you operate as part of a heavy crew, either as relief pilot or as operating crew.

Long haul pilot logbook app

What's So Annoying About Long-Haul Flight Logging?

Just like most logbook apps, AvionLog calculates your flight time from Off-Block to On-Blocks, with entry of your airborne time from takeoff until landing an added optional entry. Once the app has calculated your flight time and made the automatic entries in the time fields (such as Total Time, IFR Time, Night Time etc...), the flight logging experience is over, that is... if you are flying with just one set of crew.

But, if you are flying as part of a heavy crew, you may now need to divide you time based on which seat you are in, whether you're the commander of the flight, or based on how many relief pilots are with you on the flight deck, or even whether you're flying as the relief pilot. Let's face it, doing mental calculations of flight time after a 12 or 14+ hour flight is the last thing you likely want to do. That's where AvionLog's innovative features come in.

How is Heavy Crew Flight Time Logging Simpler With AvionLog

Rather than expecting you to do the calculations, AvionLog comes equipped with a 'Relief Time Factor' tool that quickly allows you to tap on how much of the flight you were in the seat. Quickly choose 1/3, 1/2, 2/3 or Full for all of the flight. All of the appropriate times are quickly calculated with zero extra effort from you.

But there's still a problem... calculating the time you spent in the seat at night.

This is where things get even simpler! A graphical tool will appear where you can simple tap on the segments of the flight that you were in the seat, and you are finished. 

Take a look at our YouTube video that guides you through everything you need to know about this unique time saving tool.

YouTube Link: Long-haul flight logging made simple with the AvionLog pilot logbook app.