Flight-Time Carry Forward Made Easy

This feature is a way to pre-fill the top of the first page of a PDF output from AvionLog with all of your previous flight experience and still have it completely searchable and filterable within our powerful reports section.

All pilots understand the pain of carrying their flight time forward to a new logbook. This can be particularly frustrating when you're moving to a new electronic logbook and you're expected to add your flight time as a kind of flight, but it's not really a flight. That's not how a paper logbook works and, at AvionLog, we know you want speed and efficiency. 

To solve this issue, we've created a simple tool called 'Historical Flights' and is found under the Data tab in the AvionLog pilot logbook app.

The simplest way to use this feature is to combine all of your previous experience on a particular aircraft type or class into a single entry, so for example, let's say you have 150 hours flying a PA28 and 75 hours flying a C152, you could create two entries and break the hours down with as much detail as you want such as Dual, PiC, SiC etc. Alternatively, if you've been flying professionally for the last 25 years and you're not particularly interested in your single-engine piston flying any more, you could use one of AvionLog's generic aircraft types such as SEPL (Single-Engine Piston Land) and group all of the flights together. This approach has the benefit of still offering you the ability to filter by the type of experience that's relevant while making the put of your previous pilot experience uniquely fast.

Of course, if you're already using an electronic pilot logbook app from a different provider, you may want to transfer your flight time into AvionLog. This capability is available under Settings > Import and Export and then tap on Import Data. There's several options you have here, if you tap on choose favorites you can choose Garmin Pilot Logbook, LogTen Pro, MCC Pilot Logbook (which also includes Crew Lounge), the Emirates system, Zululog and from the AIMS system which works for a lot of airlines. However, some airlines restrict access to their AIMS servers from third-party apps, in which case we have the AIMS File option which allows import to AvionLog from the HTML logbook output.

If one of your airline import systems isn't available, click on the contact us tab and we'll be more than happy to help.


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