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Our Philosophy

Your logbook is one of your most valuable professional assets. We understand that we need to earn your trust, offer a great product and meet your service expectations. Simply, we need to prove ourselves to you.

Freedom of Choice

To help you choose if we really are the right pilot logbook app for you, we offer an industry leading free trial. Try AvionLog free for 6 months or 350 flight hours, whichever is more. We also believe that you should be the one who chooses. We will never automatically roll you over to a paid subscription service.


Looking good is not enough. An electronic pilot logbook needs the right features, to be rugged, easily customized to your specific needs and designed to protect your flight hours. With features like flight logging customization, in-app and cloud backups, live-sync across multiple devices, import and export and so much more, it's easy to see why we can so confidently offer such a long free trial.

Transparent Service

We know things don't always go to plan. Whether you need a new feature added, help to import your logbook, want advice on how to get the best out of a specific capability or just want some general guidance, we're here to help you. The vast majority of our customer supports are resolved in hours, not days or weeks.

We have a further promise for you. If after your free trial, you find we're not right for you, we don't want things to be awkward. We will help you export your data, with no obligations or questions, to the logbook app you feel fits your needs.

If you have any questions, please contact us, we'll be happy to help you.

AvionLog - Advanced Pilot Logbook App

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Fast Logging

Powerful Reports

In-app & Cloud Backup

Leading Free Trial

One Price - Unlimited Devices

1 Year Subscription

$39.99 / €43.99

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AvionLog Pilot Logbook App Store

Downloading AvionLog, What to Expect From Your New Logbook App

AvionLog Welcome Screen

Getting started with AvionLog is fast. You'll be up and running in under a minute. A fast setup will have you logging your flight in no time:

  • You'll be asked to start your free trial, which lasts for 350 logged flight hours or 6 months whichever is more. Your free trial never automatically rolls over to a paid subscription.

  • Enter your name so AvionLog can identify you, this enables reports and logbooks to be correctly compiled.

  • You'll be prompted to link AvionLog to our dual-cloud backup system which uses your DropBox and/or Box accounts. Both are free and independent services to ensure your logbook is kept safe and secure. They can be joined through the app.

  • That's it, you'll be straight into the app and ready to log your first flight.

  • Top Tip for Social Sharing: Tap the share icon in the top left corner of the flights page to select and share a map of one or more selected flights

    AvionLog Welcome Screen

    Start Your Free Trial Today

    Download your new pilot logbook app on the app store today

    and see how AvionLog can work for you!

    AvionLog Pilot Logbook App Store

    Free For 6 Months or 350 Flight Hours (whichever is more)

    Why AvionLog?

    customer service Transparent service

    one price Simple pricing

    unlimited devices Unlimited devices

    Live Sync Live Sync

    backup to the cloud Multi-cloud backup

    Share Socially integrated

    Download Fast Import

    aircraft and airport database Large databases

    Features Innovative features

    Log your flights fast with great features like…

    Flight number match makes flight logging faster.
    Flight Number Recognition to autofill to and from airports based on the last time you used that flight number.
    Next flight & return flight feature to quickly add flights.
    Next Flight & Return Flight Feature use your previous flight information to fill in a lot of the next flight detail.
    Your logbook app comes loaded with comprehensive settings.
    Comprehensive settings allow you to setup how your logbook will look, feel and work.
    Log your flights how you want with flight page customization.
    Setup your flights page exactly how you want and even the order you want to fill your logbook in.
    Dark theme helps AvionLog pilot logbook app protect your night vision.
    Dark Themes to protect your night vision. Either leave it set or have it adjust with your screen brightness.
    Sign flights in your logbook.
    Flight signature is there to have your check rides signed at the end of the day. These will even transfer to your PDF outputs.

    User Feedback

    "Us­ing the free tri­al, found it easy to use and full of func­tion­al­ity. Great job the de­velopers! The ease of con­nec­tion to aims has been great, and the pdf formats are su­perb. Will def­in­itely be buy­ing when the tri­al ex­pires."

    "This One's a Keeper. I’ve tried a bunch of lo­g­book apps and they all had some­thing wrong with them. This one is ex­cel­lent. Easy to use, and the re­port­ing sys­tem, where you cre­ate your own cri­ter­ia to cal­cu­late times, and es­tim­ate when you’ll reach cer­tain goals based on past per­form­ance, is far more in­tu­it­ive to use than any­thing ****** has to of­fer…"

    Automatic & Cloud Backup


    Your logbook data is vital

    AvionLog has you covered with powerful backup capabilities

    Multiple long-term cloud


    Automatic in-app backups

    Adaptive Free Trial

    The Longest Yet...

    You will always be on the trial that gives you the longest period free. AvionLog automatically adapts to your circumstances to give you 350 flight hours and/or 6 months of flight logging.

    Only flights logged directly in AvionLog will be counted towards your free period. Imported historical flight data does not affect your trial.

    350 Flight Hours

    Student pilots, low annual flight time pilots and PPLs will benefit from our 350 flight hour promise.

    6 Months

    Busy commercial pilots will receive at least 6 calendar months to log their flights.

    Trial Includes

    Unrestricted Access

    All logbook features available during your free trial. Get to know your new pilot logbook, including keeping your logbook safe with our strong backup capability.

    Multiple Devices

    Install AvionLog on multiple devices and see how convenient Live Sync is. Keep your logbook easily synced across all your iOS devices with virtually no effort.

    Live Sync

    Seamlessly sync your logbook between multiple devices with Live Sync

    No device limit and no extra cost

    Know Your Hours, Limits and Goals

    Generate PDF logbooks, graphs, maps, track dutoes and limits

    3 Main Report Types

    Logbook PDF Output

    Standard Report

    Limit, Target and Rolling Reports

    Breakdown Your Hours With Standard Reports

    Graph views give a detailed breakdown of your flight hours, great for getting quick answers.
    Get detailed breakdowns of your flight hours
    View in-depth summaries of certain data such as pilots, aircraft and airports.
    No logbook app would be complete without a detailed map view.
    Each report comes with a detailed map view of the associated flights.
    Track your EASA and FAR117 limits & make custom limits
    Track your static limits like this year

    Monitor dynamic limits like rolling periods, e.g. 900 hours in 12 months
    Predict when you'll hit that next flying milestone.
    Understand your flying career.

    Predict when you’ll hit that next milestone.

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