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Live Sync

Seamlessly sync your logbook between multiple devices with Live Sync

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Automatic & Cloud Backup


Your logbook data is vital.

AvionLog has you covered with powerful backup capabilities.

Multiple long-term cloud


Automatic in-app backups

Free Trial

Two Options

Option 1

350 Flight Hours

Fly Less than 700 hours a year? Choose this trial. Perfect for PPLs and student pilots.

Option 2

6 Months

Use AvionLog for 6 months with no flight hours limit. Great for busy commercial pilots.

Trial Includes

Unrestricted Access

All logbook features available during your free trial. Get to know your new pilot logbook including keeping your logbook safe with our strong backup capability.

Multiple Devices

Install AvionLog on multiple devices and see how convenient Live Sync is. Keep your logbook easily synced across all your iOS devices with virtually no effort.

Log your flights fast with great features like…

Flight Number Recognition to autofill to and from airports based on the last time you used that flight number.
Next Flight & Return Flight Feature use your previous flight information to fill in a lot of the next flight detail.
Comprehensive settings allow you to setup how your logbook will look, feel and work.
Setup your flights page exactly how you want and even the order you want to fill your logbook in.
Dark Themes to protect your night vision. Either leave it set or have it adjust with your screen brightness.
Flight signature is there to have your check rides signed at the end of the day. These will even transfer to your PDF outputs.

Known Your Hours, Limits and Goals

3 Main Report Types

Logbook PDF Output

Standard Report

Limit, Target and Rolling Reports

Track Static & Rolling Limits

Track your static limits like this year

Monitor dynamic limits like rolling periods, e.g. 900 hours in 12 months

Track Career Goals

Understand your flying career.

Predict when you’ll hit that next milestone.

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