Simple Pricing

While providing a feature rich pilot logbook we also believe in keeping it simple. One of our greatest features is our simple pricing. No multiple level pricing plans and no hidden fees. With AvionLog you get the whole app with all features included for one simple price. Get the iPhone and iPad apps with Live Sync between your devices at no extra cost. See our fixed price level for your region in your local Apple App Store.

Flexible & Fast Flight Logging

No longer does 'one size fit all', which is why an electronic pilot logbook is essential for today's pilot. Log exactly the way you need when you choose AvionLog with the entries you want to make and the order you want to make them in. We've built a settings page with so many easy to use features your logbook will meet your exact flying needs.

iPhone and iPad Settings

Enable features like flight number recognition. AvionLog will recognise previous routes flown and pre-fill departure and destination airfields based on an airline flight number you've previously entered. AvionLog also remembers people, aircraft types, registrations and airfields you’ve logged before. You can intuitively search for and tap on these last entries to make your flight logging as fast as possible.

Logbook Themes & Dark Theme

Have your logbook look how you want. AvionLog incorporates two theme options each of which includes standard, light and dark themes.

AvionLog Theme 1
AvionLog Theme 1

Our dark themes can be set to remain permanently or to be activated in low light conditions. These are particularly useful to protect your night vision when you’re in the cockpit.

By selecting the dark theme to come on in low light conditions, as your device dims the screen down based on light conditions the dark theme activates.

If you’re flying a red-eye and the sun comes up and your screen is set to automatically brighten, AvionLog recognises this and, depending on your settings choices, can activate a normal or light theme automatically.

Night Flight Time Calculation

To keep your electronic pilot logbook fast to use AvionLog will automatically calculate the time spent operating at night for each flight entry. It does this by taking your departure and arrival point and looking at the great circle route between the two. A calculation is performed to see where along the route the sun rose or set and the night time field is auto-filled.

Because AvionLog knows where sunrise and sunset started along your assumed flight path, it can also predict if you performed a takeoff or landing during night. The same logic is used to autofill your night takeoffs and landings, assuming you’ve told the app you are the pilot flying.

Of course we know you won’t always fly the most efficient route so you can edit your night time and takeoff and landing entries to ensure you log your flights accurately.

Night time calculation

Next Flight & Return Flight Quick Entry

You’ve arrived at your destination and you’re about to go flying again. Rather than filling in everything from scratch you can just click the fast forward arrows on the top right of the screen and pre-fill in a load of entries for your next flight that are likely to remain the same.

By choosing return flight AvionLog assumes you are flying the reverse of your previous flight and keeps the aircraft registration and type, PiC and SiC the same. It then reverses your departure and destination airfields and changes your ‘Is Pilot Flying’ selection.

If you’re flying onwards to another destination in addition to all those changes the app removes your destination airfield so you can quickly add it.

Next Return Feature