AvionLog Pilot Logbook App Features

AvionLog is a highly capable and customizable electronic pilot logbook app packed with incredible yet easy-to-use features.

Log your flights, simulators, and your duty time, track your flights with our maps feature and produce great looking PDF logbooks. These are just a few of our outstanding features. We pack AvionLog with everything needed to be the best pilot logbook app you could need. Let’s explore some of these here and get to know if AvionLog is the right choice for you.

Whats New in the Latest Version?

Social Sharing

Now in AvionLog, share one flight, a selection, all of them or anything in between. Our map and flyover globe can be shared directly to social media or anywhere you choose.

View and share from your flights page.

Social sharing of your flights on iPhone

Share all your reports as a map or globe.

Social sharing of your flight reports -iPhone

Added Airline Import

Emirates Pilots, we have implemented an import for your Crew Log Reports.

Don't fly for Emirates? Contact us to have your airline logbook report incorporated in a future AvionLog update.

Emirates pilot logbook app import result screenshot on globe - iPad

Learn more about our Emirates pilot logbook import features.

Find out more about our pilot logbook imports.

Fast Flight Logging

Log your flights fast with the AvionLog pilot logbook app.

Even in aviation there are two certainties, your hard-earned flight hours are valuable and recording them can be a distraction.

Log your flights how you want. Our flights page is fast, intuitive with full customization capability. It makes logging each flight a breeze. It’s ideal if you choose to log each flight rather than importing your trips.

Flight Logging

Great Free Trial & Pricing!

Probably the best pilot logbook app free trial!

Get to know your new logbook app before you subscribe. We’ve created an industry-leading free trial and transparent pricing. No matter how much you fly, our free trial responds to your needs.

We’re proud to offer all features on unlimited devices for at least 6 months or 350 flight hours, whichever is more! Start your new AvionLog electronic pilot logbook app free trial today.

Amazing Free Trial

Live Sync

Keep your pilot logbook on all your iOS devices at no extra cost.

We don’t charge extra for using extra devices. To ensure your logbook is where you need it live sync synchronizes your logbook to your iPhones and iPads without limit.

Included in your free-trial and subscription, live sync comes as a standard feature of AvionLog.

Live Sync

Leading Backup

Enhance your pilot logbook backup with AvionLog's leading capability.

We’ve taken no shortcuts with keeping your logbook safe. A pilot logbook app is only as good as its backup and you deserve to have your hard earned flight hours looked after with care.

Explore our multi-layered backup system and see how AvionLog will keep your logbook safe.

Logbook Backup

Import Your Flights

In-app pilot logbook imports.

Whether you’re moving from another pilot logbook app or regularly importing from an airline system, AvionLog has an innovative in-app import process. Keeping your flight hours up to date couldn’t be easier.

With our pre-built process, adding custom imports is simple. Let us know what import you need and we’ll get straight to work!

Logbook Import

Pilot Logbooks & Reports

Create custom reports, track limits and print and share your PDF logbooks.

Track everything any pilot would need with pre-loaded and customizable EU-OPS and FAR117 limits, or make just about any report you can think of. Know when you’ll hit that next milestone and produce PDF logbooks to print or bind.

We think you’ll also love our charts, graphs, rolling reports and integrated map feature too!


Themes & Dark Mode

A logbook app that looks amazing.

There’s more to AvionLog than just logging some flights. The best pilot logbook app needs to look great too!

AvionLog has multiple themes including light, normal and our dark theme with optional automatic activation and threshold control so it changes at just the right moment.

Themes & Dark Mode

All About Duties

Log and track your duties.

Keep track of all your non-flying duties including, simulators, training, positioning, reserve, standby and ground duties.

The reports feature keeps you in control. Track your duty limits for EU-OPS, FAR117 or setup custom reports for your local authority or aircraft operator.

Log & Track Your Duties

FAA Pilot Logbook Features

FAA electronic pilot logbook features.

Every pilot knows the pain of drilling down through flight hours. With AvionLog you can tag your flights as Part 61, 91, 121 or 135 with the touch of a button. Filter for these in reports and get everything you need at the touch of a button.

But that’s not all. With so many pre-loaded FAA endorsements and our in-app signature capability, your endorsements are safe and ready to show at the touch of a button.

FAA Specific Features

AvionLog Pilot Logbook App

AvionLog electronic pilot logbook app homepage.

Choosing the right logbook app is a substantial commitment for any pilot.

Our goal is to provide the best pilot logbook software with the best customer service, the longest free trial and the simplest and most transparent pricing.

If you have questions, we are here to help! Use the ‘Contact Us’ menu link or via social media.


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