AvionLog Pilot Logbook App Features

While AvionLog is a highly capable electronic pilot logbook app, we also believe in keeping things simple.

Get to know some of our key features and find out if AvionLog is the right choice for you to safely log and store your flights.

Fast Flight Logging

Even in the uncertain world of aviation there are two certainties, your flight hours are incredibly valuable and logging them can be a distraction.

Find out how the AvionLog pilot logbook app helps you log your flights faster.

Leading Backup

A pilot logbook app is only as good as it's backup and you deserve to have your hard earned flight hours looked after carefully.

Enhance your pilot logbook backup with AvionLog's leading capability.

Live Sync

Included in your free trial and annual subscription price is our custom live sync feature. Seamlessly keep sync on all your iOS devices.

Find out more about keeping your logbook in sync.

Reports & Outputs

Track flight hours, goals, targets, limits and recency. Know when you'll hit that next milestone and produce PDF logbooks to print or bind.

Create custom reports, track limits like FAR 117 and EU-OPS & print and share your PDF logbooks.

Import Your Flights

AvionLog has multiple ways to import your previous flights. All imports are done within the app taking away the need to use desktop or web applications.

Import your flights

Log & Track Your Duties

We know your flights aren't the only thing that's important to you. Keep track of your flight duties, ground duties, simulators and more with our dedicated tool.

Log and track your duties including simulator.

A Logbook App That Looks Amazing

There's more to an electronic logbook app than just logging your flights. You want an app that looks and feels great to use. See how our themes do that and protect your night vision in a dark cockpit.


Free Trial & Pricing

You deserve to get to know your logbook BEFORE you have to buy it. Our industry leading free trial ensures you really know if you want to stick with AvionLog and our simple pricing makes that an enticing offer.

AvionLog Electronic Pilot Logbook App Free Trial & Pricing

FAA Pilot Logbook Flexibility

Track your FAA flights with custom designed features such as FAA Part 61, 91, 121 and 135 tags on your flights. Enter, track and print FAA Endorsements and filter by your experience type.

FAA electronic pilot logbook features

AvionLog Homepage

Get an overview of what the AvionLog pilot logbook app can do for you on our homepage. With great features and pricing making this an electronic pilot logbook app every pilot can be proud of.

AvionLog Electronic Pilot Logbook App Homepage

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