Simulators & Other Duties

AvionLog does a great job of logging your flights and producing great reports for you to drill down on your experience and predict career milestones. It doesn't stop there. Log all of your duties including your flight simulator sessions and other non-flight duties.

These duty times can then be tracked along with your flight duties to make sure you stay within commercial limits such as FAR 117 and EU-OPS limits, all of which can be customized for your country or specific airline.

With AvionLog you can log & track:

  • Simulators
  • Positioning
  • Non Flying
  • Airport Reserve
  • Home Reserve
  • Airport Standby
  • Home Standby


AvionLog keeps simulator logging separate from your flight log. The reason is that when designing AvionLog our philosophy was to keep the flights as flights and all other duties where you're not physically flying an aircraft as 'Duties'.

Where simulator sessions are integrated in to a PDF logbook output, AvionLog will still integrate these in the correct sequence.

Duty Reports

Under the reports tab in the navigation bar you can keep track of your flight time and duty limits.

Some jurisdictions like EASA can make things quite complex when calculating duty times since home standby is logged at 25% of the total amount of time spent on standby. We provide the tools to enable you to take account of this, and of course, they are implemented with our pre-loaded EU-OPS limits.

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