Live Sync Your Logbook With AvionLog

Our custom designed Live Sync effortlessly keeps your logbook on multiple devices. But we didn't stop there. You can log flights on any of your iOS devices with your entries almost instantly appearing on your other devices.

Setting Up Live Sync

Activate Live Sync under Settings > Sync. The selector at the top has 3 options, none, manual and live. Manual sync is a backup system that uses your Box or DropBox cloud storage. Live Sync is included as part of your AvionLog free trial and subscription.

Signing In

After selecting 'Live', tap the Login link that will appear on the page which will take you (depending on your iOS version) to several options for signing in. It doesn't matter what you choose as a sign in method, just remember to use that same method across all your devices.

Signing in to Live Sync is a one time action and unless you log out or disable Live Sync it continues to work in the background.

A Common Question

We're often asked why you need to create an account for Live Sync. It's simply a way for the sync server to identify your data and allow you to log in and be recognized on other devices.

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