• An Unprecedented Crisis? - And the (Possible) Future

    Approaching 2020 things felt pretty good for aviation. For almost a decade, aviation and the markets as a whole had seen a long period of growth and prosperity which came to, what at least felt like, a shuddering halt.

  • AvionLog Summer 2020 Release

    We’ve used the slow down of the aviation industry as an opportunity to continue to improve the capabilities of AvionLog. Much of this was driven thanks to the great feedback from our users, so a huge thank you!

  • AvionLog Pilot Logbook V1.1 - Spring 2020 Release

    In the midst of a crisis, described as more of a threat to aviation than 9/11, the Coronavirus has large parts of the global aviation fleet grounded.

  • How to Choose the Best Pilot logbook App in 2020 (Opinion)

    Every pilot should choose the best pilot logbook app to suit their specific needs. Three years of researching logbook apps have given insight into the whole market. With more available than ever before, you have plenty of choices. Here we’ll share our insights to help you choose the best one for you.

  • Do I Need to Log My Flights in a Logbook App?

    There are many valid reasons why you might choose to use one. The main two are to future-proof your pilot logbook and to save time and energy when it comes to reporting your flight hours either to an aviation authority or to an employer.

  • Save Money on Your Pilot Logbook Subscription - A Crisis Response

    Pilots are facing unprecedented challenges and some of the AvionLog team are feeling your pain too. In our own small way, we want to help all pilots save some money.

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